Friday, April 01, 2005

Western Front

Alright...for the first time I'm putting an entry in this thing. The show at the Western Front was fuckin dope. We played very well and we had the crowed bumpin! It was pretty sick that we ended up bringing in about as many people during our set than the other 3 had combined. Everyone else that played were nasty, I was real into it. The Western Front is a nice fuckin venue, and it's certainly good that the owner and bartender were really into us and put us down in the "good book". Hopefully some more shows will surface from that...

Anyways, like always there were a some rediculous events that took place getting to the gig. For example...Rick, lost as usual, with my dumb ass in the front seat pretending that I know my way around Cambridge, ended up somehow finding the venue but decided turn and proceed down a one way street...not realizing until oncoming traffic was in our face. I wouldn't say that this was anywhere close to as rediculous as anything that happend during the Stratton adventure, but that one will definately go down as a classic for me.

Alright I'm done with this retarded shit, I'm going to sleep


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