Thursday, April 14, 2005

thursday is a day


It's the Father, logging in from the mundane at my new job at [company name classified]. Life at [company name classified] is somewhat boring right now. I'm filing things and learning how to do the same hour-long task that I will be doing all summer long. Sounds fun, doesn't it? No. I have no idea why you would think that.

[company name classified] is a decent place to work. We have this cool coffee machine that makes a cup of coffee in like 20 seconds. I can't even describe how it works. And since I have no rational explanation for how it works, I have concluded that it works by magic. Yes, somehow [company name classified] has harnessed the power of magic and put it to coffee making to somehow increase productivity. Also, I'm typing on the IBM version of an Apple IIC right now. I cannot imagine anything but magic keeping this thing in running condition.

I signed a confidentiality agreement with [company name classified] and I'm freaked out by news reports of bloggers getting fired for writing about work, so I will always refer to [company name classified] as [company name classified].

Press, buzz, and push will all be in effect for the Middle East show starting tonight. Watch for the flyers with Blake's tains on them around your hood. In a related story that as of yet has no ending, Blake's membership in the band is in limbo right now. We're waiting for a decision from him and window-shopping for other bassists right now. Here's hoping that he sticks around.

Never raise a fist but for in solidarity,
Send my message forth with conviction and with clarity.
F. Abraham

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