Thursday, July 21, 2005

Recording in NH

I am so ridiculously lazy with this blog. I am so sorry [tear]. So sorry [tear]. So.

So, given the lack of recent blog updates, there is really no reason why anyone that reads this should know that we were up in New Hampshire recording our album on Sunday and Monday. But we were. We really, really were. And it sounds amazing. In fact, it sounds so amazing, even without Evan having finished his guitar overdubs, that I am somewhat intimidated to do vocals over it. What if I can't reach the standard that Phil and Ben (our producers) and the rest of the band has set? What if I suck?

Of course, I know I'm going to nail the vocals. But I'm still a bit nervous.

Recording was nervewracking. Brandon got bit on the face by a radioactive bug the night before we were supposed to leave, rendering him nearly blind and half-dead. We had to cancel our gig in Tewksbury on Saturday to make sure that we were adequately prepared and that Brandon was at least three-quarters alive for tracking on Sunday morning. That worked.

We spent a long time getting sounds, putting mics next to instruments, and generally exploring the studio space before we got to tracking our first song, which was Monster. Monster took 3 hours to get right. Three hours. By the time we were done I was already deep into my second cup of voice-saving organic tea, which was hilariously named "Throat Coat." And no, the joke was not one of Paul Revere riding his horse through Boston yelling "The Throat Coats are coming!" It was much diriter and had no historical backdrop.

Evan is going to Ben's rehearsal space on Sunday to record his guitar, and then it's all up to me to put the finishing touches on the album. Then we will sell it and become famous and I will hire someone with a similar writing style to update the blog on a daily basis. Superb.

I will attempt to post more often from now on.


p.s. Vote: What's a better album title?
A) The Grand Applause
B) Break the Monotone

Sunday, July 10, 2005

better to remain quiet and be thought a fool... least for some people. Overheard at Herrell's, Sunday afternoon:

Guy to pretty girl who is eating a salad: I used to work at a four star restaurant putting salads together. I'm trying to identify exactly what kind of lettuce that is...

Girl: It's spinach.

I can't make this kind of stuff up.