Friday, May 27, 2005


Know what the problem is with those socks that wick away moisture to keep your feet dry? They wick the moisture right into your shoes and in 5 days your shoes smell like a football locker room.

Riddle me the answer to that, modern science.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sunday, May 22, 2005

It's been a long time/ I shouldn't have left you/ etc.

Long time, no blog. Who reads this? Some people, I think. Whatever the case, I will write again, for writing's sake. Here goes something:

Overdraught was a decent night. The place got double booked and our man Rudy from LoveLifeLess pulled some strings and bashed some heads so we could play at the time we were supposed to play at. Capital. We played a pretty good show, minus a few minor snafus, but given the circumstances - Pat's first gig, we hadn't rehearsed in 2 weeks, Brandon had just gotten off of a plane - it was a good time. People dug the Green Eggs and Ham posters, as I knew they would. Sneetches will come out at out next big show.

I was thoroughly impressed by Colony Underground. The MCs were dope, even without their band, they had a loyal and vocal following, and they were nice guys. I talked a bit with Barry, Colony's bassist (and Audible Mainframe's former bassist - small world) and he was a great guy too. I definitely want to build with these guys.

Schedule for the next few weeks: get organized for recording with the band, write new songs, get some gigs, fix the press kit, gah gah gah gah so much to do faint hit head on floor die. Somewhere in between there I'll be prepping tracks for the solo album. I have reserved some studio time for myself on July 8-9 but I'm thinking I won't be done in time. One of these weekends I'm going to have to do a self-imposed lock-in and just finish some of these tracks. Should be interesting to see how this thing comes out.

The big mo is a little slow right now, but we'll get it back up by fall. Once we get our shit together, watch out. Until then, try not to be around when it hits the fan.


track - mine
book - An Unfortunate Series of Events, by Lemony Snicket. Pure brilliance.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Big Plans

Oh yes, The Indefinite Article has some big plans on their agenda this summer. We are currently in the process of planning out the production and release of our first REAL record. This is going to be heuge folks. We're talking world class studio's and international distribution all done independently by our hardass-workin-mother-fuckin selves!! No doubt. Expect a medium length EP type record with the best of our new and old material. Pat has jumped right in and gotten his feet wet in the indef-art system. It really is becoming a machine. We may even have a REAL manager on the ranks as well. Keep yourselves updated and look out for the record release party somewhere in boston...(middle east? paradise?) the early months of fall. For now, come to all of our shows!!!! We have some great gigs coming up with some really hip acts. Hope to see e'ryone soon and thanks for the support.

Evan, Indefinite

Monday, May 02, 2005

Pat, Mafuckas!

Indef-Art has a new bassist. Fans, welcome Pat Christman to the band. He has no nickname yet, but we’ll get him one as soon as we can. Blake actually took the name “Tains” to Audible Mainframe. I guess that’s kind of cool. When he blow up he’ll be able to say that he got his stage name from us. In all seriousness, we wish the best to Blake and his new band. You’ll probably see us playing shows with them in the near future.

Now to introduce Pat. Pat is a chill dude, owns like 67 bass guitars, and has written tons of beats and arrangements that could be easily transplanted over to the band. Lives in Somerville, has a car, shows up early (early!) to rehearsals, and is already virtually locked in with the rhythm section. The IA welcomes his presence. Now all we have to go is photoshop his face over Blake’s on the website. That goddamned bios page took me so long to do. If Blake’s departure leaves any sour taste in my mouth at all, it will become apparent when I’m sitting in the computer lab trying to figure which effects I used to make those cool-ass silhouettes.

Pat will play his first Indef-Art gig on May 20th at Overdraught. It’s going to be a good time. On a related note, this summer is going to kick ass. We have some great shows lined up (especially the July 1 show with 2mex and ele.mental) and are planning on ramping the summer up to a fall CD release party that will feature not only Indef-Art’s EP but my own solo EP as well. As it is shaping up, my EP is going to be the oddest piece of hip-hop you have ever owned. And the IA disc is just going to be hot. Look forward to Boston MCs, You Might Wanna, and Monster, remixes of the demo, and last but not least, (if I have my way), Shotgun.

That’s all for now. Keep reading. Knowledge is power.