Sunday, May 15, 2005

Big Plans

Oh yes, The Indefinite Article has some big plans on their agenda this summer. We are currently in the process of planning out the production and release of our first REAL record. This is going to be heuge folks. We're talking world class studio's and international distribution all done independently by our hardass-workin-mother-fuckin selves!! No doubt. Expect a medium length EP type record with the best of our new and old material. Pat has jumped right in and gotten his feet wet in the indef-art system. It really is becoming a machine. We may even have a REAL manager on the ranks as well. Keep yourselves updated and look out for the record release party somewhere in boston...(middle east? paradise?) the early months of fall. For now, come to all of our shows!!!! We have some great gigs coming up with some really hip acts. Hope to see e'ryone soon and thanks for the support.

Evan, Indefinite

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The Indefinite Article said...

The best laid plans of mice and men oft get lost in the wash/
I'll be the sock you thought was gone and showed up again in your drawer.

Let's have a fucking meeting!