Monday, April 18, 2005

rhyme sketch

This isn't lined up to be in any particular song yet, but I'm sure it will make it in somewhere. Just posting for posting's sake.

You're the garden variety
I'm the rabbit in the cabbage patch
Eating with the big dogs while you're hanging with the average cats
Stranger fiction after facts
Laugh when you start acting bad
Put you in a glass jar
Recreate your habitat

Something like that.

Also, this line will probably be inserted at some point:

I only come in single serves
They sell you in a Value Pack.

Also, I like this line:

My band is like "what"
Yours is like "pardon me"
Your style is something bite-sized
Mine is really hard to eat

Where will all of these semi-brilliant brainstorms go? Let's put it to a vote:

A: In a song.
B: Not in a song.

Vote now, America, or forever hold your peace.

no track. at work.


p.s. I have submitted for the next issue of Nutria Magazine ( and should get a piece or two published. Go to their site and sign up for a subscription. It's a quality read. Also look for my review of El Pus in an upcoming issue of Skope Magazine (if they ever send me the goddamned CD).

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