Monday, April 04, 2005

All Loud on The Midwstern Front

So here I am, partially moved into my new place in Allston (which is conveniently located within a 5 minute walk to the rehearsal facilities), waiting for my job at the publishing company to start on the 11th. Between then we have a show at the All-Asia and another one at Penn State. Penn State. Which is far. Also, we have been encouraged to learn cover songs by the people who are hiring us out to play for FIVE HOURS. Five hours. Which is (are?) long. And they have suggested that we learn the following songs. My comments follow each suggestion:

NUMA NUMA  - OZONE - also no.
JAY-Z – CAN I GET A FUCK YOU - yes, very soon, if you keep this up.
GAME – THIS IS HOW WE DO - the possibilities for this one are endless, but i'm going to leave it alone, for fear of being shot in the leg once i achieve success.
INCUBUS - see above.
311 - okay, this might work. we kind of sound like them. but i can't sing. so evan or rick are gonna have to learn this.
GREENDAY - ouch.
ROLLING STONES - i would love to. but i don't think we could do them justice.
OUTKAST - these are one of those band that i rank up there with the beatles and michael jackson. you just can't cover them.
SUBLIME - i just threw up in my mouth
3-6 MAFIA – ASS N TITTIES - i will hurt anyone who requests this.
KAFFI - i think they means "raffi." i wil gladly sing "wheels on the bus."
BEATLES - see "outkast"
OASIS - see "sublime"
WEEZER - rivers cuomo is a great name.
DMB - if anyone even mentions these guys to me i'll beat them with a mic stand.
PEARL JAM - see "dmb"
STP – 'INTERSTATE LOVE SONG' - shoot them.

I feel like we may have been mistaken for a cover band. A cover band is something that we are not. It's still going to be a great time, and Rick will most likely play a 45-minute solo set of Elton John songs (he really can. It's absolutely amazing). We will be covering some Snoop Dogg tunes and "The Humpty Dance." I would also go for "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie. If someone requests "Ice Ice Baby" I will be scheduling return trips to Pennsylvania to face assault charges.

I'm going to start a little tradition here on the blog. Every time a blogger signs off we're going to post the name and artist of the track we're listening to. Just so you know, if you care. Or even if you don't care. I'm writing in a lot of sentence fragments today.

Track: La Paga, by Juanes.

Father Abraham

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