Tuesday, April 12, 2005

post penn state

Aaaaaah, back to the grind and insanity that is my existence in Boston. What a great getaway it was to escape into the rural Pennsylvania countryside. As Rick has already filled you in on the majority of what went on, I need not explain that it was eventful. I think that it was more hectic for some of the members than others. For me, it was somewhat relaxing and refreshing to get out of Boston. Brandon and Rick however, were like fish out of water. Quick example; Mark, who was so kind to let us crash at his hunting retreat, was trying to build a fire. He asks Brandon and Ian to help out and gather wood. Ian, being from a rural area like me, knew exactly what to do, as if it wasn't common sense. Brandon on the other hand, frantically trying to rip branches off trees and god knows what else, becomes very frustrated. Then, seeing Ian pick something off the ground (which was a dry stick), starts ripping vines or some shit off the ground and complaining. It would seem as though our good friend Bifida had never stood on anything but concrete in his entire life. Rick was another matter. He was simply scared shitless and crawled under a table (sounds impossible, I know) and cried for 3 hours. Mr. Plantains just rolled around in the dirt for a while. To his credit, however, he did shower after the first day. What the other guys (Rick, Blake, Ian) missed out on while they were busy being shitty and hungover at a dirty frat house was Mark's mom's 25 course breakfast of home cooked, country heaven. We had ENORMOUS omlettes, peppercorn bacon, whole grain toast, pot after pot of coffee and OJ, chocolate mouse cake and blueberry pie. OH MY GOD. Let me tell you, it was the greatest thing ever. Then, on the way back, most likely a result of the enormous breakfast, we stopped at a rest stop in Conneticut and blew it up with a group poop. So that is my condensed version of the trip considering that Rick already covered most f it. Anyway, we are gonna rock the face off of Ground Zero on Friday and get everyone out to the Middle East for our big debut there. Thanks a bunch to all the guys at Acacia for having us out and hopefully we can stop through on a tour next fall. Oh yeah, PSU girls are SOOOO HOT. I especially liked the part when these two bangin honeys got on stage, arm around either side of me and we all sang The General. Not really a hip-hop moment, but a moment nonetheless. Okay, I'm done. See you guys at the ME.

-King of all Louis'

track: some dude playing guitar down the hall from the studio office

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