Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ladies Love I.A.

Somehow the Indefinite Article has become Magneto to ladies in the past few days. Who would have known?

Case 1 (semi-disturbing): In between songs during our set at the Midway on Tuesday, a girl in the front row (the front row being, in this case, the bar, which is roughly 20 feet away from the stage) approaches me, touches me lightly on the arm, and says "you're adorable." Cuddly/warm feelings abound in my heart, because being called "adorable" makes me feel like I'm five years old. Yet, a rebuff is in order, so after the show we dutifully sign the demo discs we gave to the approaching party and her friend, and rebuffing is accomplished. Target missed, faithful fan moves on to Ricky Rhtyhms. Here's the reenactment, "Rescue 911" style:

4 actors who look nothing like F.A., Louis, Brandon, Tains, and Hedi stand outside the Midway cafe. A stout sweatervested man walks out of the bar looking as if he has seen the face of God.

F.A.: What happened?
Ricky Rhythms: I don't want to talk about it.

No one really knows what happened in the bar while we we outside. If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that Rick killed her and the remaining bar patrons for sport.

Case 2 (also semi-disturbing, but in a different way): Our guitarist, Evan, is currently having an online lovechat with this woman . Conversation started when she left a comment on Evan's picture saying "I want you." Now they are back-and-forthing on our myspace message account, which was previously reserved for professional discourse between musicians. Yes, she is hot, but I still have an icky feeling about this. And yes, Evan, we are all jealous because you have been chatting online with hot babes all day. And we all know you're training to become a cage fighter, too.

And that's the news. Come out on Thursday. We both need you and want you.

F. Abraham

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