Tuesday, March 29, 2005

hmm....my first blog

So yeah, I felt that Father Abraham's incessant ramblings needed to be interjected. I'm writing this blog pre Midway Cafe gig. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on, when sound check is, when we play and for how long. Our genius booking agent has left us in the dark on this one. So Hedi the Irab is gonna get it. Yes, that's a new ethnicity, irish arab...IRAB. Psyche, whatever, no one really cares. As long as we show up and rock out. So in case you guys haven't heard, we are playing at Western Front on thursday which is a big deal. EVERYONE COME TO WESTERN FRONT ON THURS MARCH 31st!!!! Otherwise we got the gig in PENN STATE next weekend. Not looking forward to the drive but am looking forward to the girls and the money. IndefArt is gonna get it's first little taste of being on the road together, if you don't count Red Fox. We'll see if they survive. I have doubts.

Cheers everyone,


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