Monday, March 21, 2005

Indef-Art v2.0 site launch 3/21

Be on the lookout for the new sometime in the next 24 hours. I just have to smooth out a few little glitches and then I can upload everything. This one is going to look better and load faster than the other site and should have a better time with browser compatability and all that fun stuff. Still no script for the shows so I'm dipping into the html for every update, which is a bitch. The guy who is supposed to be writing the script for me is ridiculously smart at computers and probably just isn't doing it because it's so mundane-yet-time-consuming that he can't force himself to sit down and do the thing. I feel like I'm asking a gourment chef to make me a bowl of Jell-o with the fruit suspended in it.

It just occured to me that somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 people know this blog exists. Also, they are unlikely to be checking for new posts. Most people who see this post will navigate to it from the new site, which would render its newsworthiness irrelevant. What can I say? I'm learning on the job.

Also, I just discovered Indef-Art's bizarro conceptual twins: a punk/hip-hop band called El Pus. A bunch of dirty south gangsters that play this weird hybrid punk rock thing. They just dropped an album with Virgin and released a music video of a song called "Suburb Thuggin.'" It's crazy and makes white people look like huge tools. Good thing our band makes no pretense of toughness, coolness, sex appeal, or anything like that.

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