Saturday, March 26, 2005

Glitches ficksed

Took care of some of the site's glitches today. All the pages now have titles, the links rollover button is rolling over like it was supposed to be doing all along, and I even added the full text and photograph from our review in The Harvard Crimson.

Shows are sneaking up on us with the quickness right now. Starting on Tuesday we have four in thirteen days and as of now we feel eminently unprepared to rock either steady, hard, or out. We're trying to fit in rehearsals wherever we can, but often it seems like that means not at all.

I have no funny jokes today. No mediocre jokes, either. No one in the band has asked me how to log in to this account so I guess I'll be the primary author of the blog until the others take interest.

Get out to the Indef-Art/Expo/Shambhala/ele.mental show at the Western Front on Thursday the 31st. We're on with some really talented people. It will definitely prove to be a good time.

F. Abraham

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