Thursday, March 24, 2005

State Pen

So now we're apparently headed to Penn State for a frat show on April 9th. I don't know what to think... wait, I do. I think it's far. If the band's post-show misbehavior has any direct correlation to the length of the trip it takes, then someone is going to wake up next to Joe Paterno's wife on the morning of the 10th.

Speaking of the 10th, that reminds me: I need a job. Actually, everything reminds me that I need a job. Fledgling hip-hop groups (no matter how good) and as-yet-published illustrated humor book (no matter how promising) do little to supplement the income. My money train needs some more coal, which is actually money, because it's a money train, even though we don't call regular trains coal trains. And neither do soul trains use human souls to achieve locomotion. But you get the point.

That's all for now. Rick is trying to close the deal on a show on April 23rd in Tewksbury where we would open for a metal band called Dogfight. That's where Jay-Z started out, in Tewskbury.

F. Abraham

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