Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bruins. Devotion. Something. Something else. Bruins.

Just picked up tickets for a Bruins game that I won at work. This year's motto, as printed on the tickets, is:

"Devotion... it's called Bruins."

Is that even grammatically correct? Does it even mean anything at all?

"Boy, Stan really worked hard on the Thompson account."
"He sure did. That was a whole lot of Bruins he showed."
"Here's to Stan."
[cracks open a beer]
"To Stan."
"To Stan."
"How is Cindy?"
"Oh, all right. We had a big talk about commitment yesterday. Commitment and...
"And what?"
"I forget the word."
"Yeah, Bruins. Commitment and Bruins."
"Fuck is right, man."



United Fruitcake Outlet said...
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Massive Delts said...

I think Bruins are a type of dog and dogs are known as being very loyal and devoted. Glad I could help.