Thursday, June 09, 2005

Don't that thing there got that mail what for you don't have to use stamps?

That title makes no sense.

Sorry for the not-blogging delay. I have too much to do. Story of my life. A boring one, but that's what it is.

Quickly: we're working on a theme song for the pilot to my friend Rob Fried's sitcom, "Serious Business." Once we're done, it will be serious business, because we'll be seriously hooked up with some seriously funny people with serious connex in the H-wood. For serious.

The song will be nothing like you have ever heard IA play, mainly because it will be new. But it will also be somewhat different from our normal fare - something lighter, in a duck sauce, something that goes well with a fine white wine.

God damn, keeping the mo' up for this band is a tough thing. And mo' is all we need right now. Mo mo'. Moo.

I have nothing to say. I shall return with topics of interest shortly. Sorry for the no-writing thing. It will be remedied.


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